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Name & LocationForest Hills
115 Antibes Drive
North York, Fisherville
Other IdentificationProject: Forest Hills
Institutional affiliation:
Alternate names:

Year Completed1971
CompaniesThe following companies are associated with this building (click on company name for links to buildings):

  • Architect : Paul Ospolak

  • Concrete supplier : Custom Concrete Ltd.

  • Developer : Peel-Elder Ltd.

  • Excavation : S & F excavating

  • Formwork : Fran-Kiri Forming Ltd.

  • Mechanical engineer : M.V. Shore Associates Ltd.

  • Steel supplier : Gilbert Steel Limited

  • Structural engineer : D. Law Consultants Ltd.

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    Height and Building Data 
    Height (m)0.00
    Building typeHigh-rise
    General useResidential
    Specific Use
    Former Use 
    HeritageNot heritage
    Main Style 
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