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This page provides links and descriptions to some significant sources of data for this site. Some published sources (such as Patricia McHugh's 1989 guide to architecture) have been used both as sources and in defining the scope of the database. See Checklisted Publications under Scope and Completeness for a discussion of these sources.

Sources for photographs and other images of buildings

Almost all interior and exterior photographs of buildings were taken by Bob Krawczyk and are copyrighted. In compiling the data for TOBuilt, every effort has been made to photograph structures that are still standing. In the case of buildings that no longer exist, were never built, or have not yet been built,  TOBuilt relies on architectural drawings and other renderings or historical / non-current photographs derived from other sources including the internet.


Sources of information about buildings

There may be multiple sources of information for any given building. TOBuilt does not contain comprehensive lists of information about individual structures but, rather lists only those sources used in compiling data for the website. As new information about buildings is made available and published, the references to sources of information in TOBuilt are updated.


Below are notes about selected sources (online and print) that have been extensively consulted for TOBuilt, but which were not used to define the scope of the database. This information is provided to clarify which sources have been used, how thoroughly they have been consulted, and to explain some oddities in how they were used. Click here for information about sources, such as the City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties or checklisted publications, that also help define the scope of TOBuilt.



This is a searchable architectural index for Toronto, devised by the staff of the Toronto Public Library. It is not currently being updated. It is a useful site for information about both buildings and companies in Toronto.


UrbanToronto forum

This well-moderated discussion group is a great source of information, particularly for proposed and approved buildings. There are many reasons to participate in the lively discussions of the site, and getting cutting-edge information on new developments is one of the better ones.


City of Toronto Agendas and Reports

The community councils and the city council posts documents relating to council decisions online. These are a valuable source of information about proposed developments in the city, and about heritage buildings. For proposed developments, there is usually a series of reports by city planners that describe the development and recommend a course of action, and these reports are attached to the agendas for upcoming meetings. For heritage buildings, reports attached to the agendas provide information about why a designation is being considered, and can contain a wealth of information about a particular building. You can also click here to search council documents. 


Daily Commercial News and Construction Record

This is a Monday - Friday journal for the construction trades, focusing on Toronto. Before 1971 it was called the Daily Commercial News and Building Record. This is the best source of information for larger structures, especially for the nondescript buildings that make up the majority of buildings in any city. It is easy to determine the architect for Scotia Plaza, but to do the same for Humber Vista Villas Phase 2, you need to turn to the Daily Commercial News and Construction Record.


Most of the source references to this journal do not have a page number. The Daily Commercial News and Construction Record regularly runs photographs of buildings in some phase of construction accompanied by lengthy captions detailing the many companies responsible for the building. Individual buildings generally will appear in the journal a number of times over the course of their construction. It is these captions that have proven to be a key source of information for tall buildings in TOBuilt. Given the pace at which I needed to gather data from this journal, I didn't find it necessary to note the page references. For any given day, the paper is quite small and the references should be obvious.

The bad news is that the Daily Commercial News and Construction Record is only available in hardcopy; back issues have not been microfilmed and it is not available online. Issues from 1990 forward can be found at the Toronto Reference Library, while the National Library in Ottawa has scattered holdings dating back to 1967, with a more complete run from about 1977 onwards. I have confirmed with the journal that they have back issues only to 1980, which means that the vast bulk of issues from before 1977 are lost and cannot be recovered. If anybody knows of any issues please let myself or a librarian know.

North Rosedale Ratepayers Association

South Rosedale Ratepayers Association

These two sites provide information about their organizations, and also contain searchable databases of information about building within the South and North Rosedale Heritage Conservation Districts. They contain some information not available from the Inventory of Heritage Properties, including dates and residents for most buildings and architects for some. The clickable map of the neighbourhoods is remarkable and useful.   


Toronto Public Library

Toronto Fire Services

Toronto Police Service

University of Toronto

Exhibition Place

These organizations provide lists or maps with locations of their buildings, with varying additional information that may include photographs, addresses, dates of completion, and other information.


Transit Toronto

A site providing historical and current information about public transportation in Toronto.


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