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This page provides an overview of information about this site. Click below for more details about the following:

Scope and completeness

        What kinds of buildings are included in TOBuilt?

        What is a "highrise"?

        What is a "heritage building"?

        What is an "award winning building"?

        What other buildings are in TOBuilt?


        What is the history and scope of Canada's major architectural awards?

        How often have buildings in Toronto won awards?


        How many buildings, photos, etc. are currently described on the site?

        How many highrises does Toronto have?

        What is the count of different types of buildings in TOBuilt?

Data values and standards

        How are the different data elements defined?

        What is a date of completion?

        What does "sales" mean as a status?

        How were neighbourhoods defined?

Sources of information

        What are some good sources of information about Toronto buildings?

Contact and copyright information

        Who is the owner of this site and why does he do this?

        Who holds copyright over the site content?

        How can I contact the owner of the site?


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